I NEED!!!!! new kicks asap!

Anonymous asked:
when are u coming to the US?

my daddys buying me a ticket to the US in july for my birthday so July I guess , but I’m moving to america when i start uni so that’ll be exciting also :))

Anonymous asked:
i can't believe u've been single your whole life ur so pretty though <3

yeahs doesn’t really bother me , i reckon I’m even too  young to have a bf and plus there’s really no point in have a bf at 17 yrs old if I’m not planning on getting married to the guy :) so yeahs having a bf at this very moment would be a complete waste of time and plus my dad would kill me ahahaha!

Anonymous asked:
WTF no boyfriends really? why?

I dunnno I just haven’t found the right guy yet and plus i think my dad would go insane ahahah! 

Anonymous asked:
I saw u at parra last night, i was gonna say hi but i was on the top level :) I screamed your name out but u didn't hear me :(

ooooh okaays sweeet , dw loveeey next timeee ayeee :)) x

Anonymous asked:
how many boyfriends have u had?

0 I’ve been single my whole life :D

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maaaa main jaaaym!

Anonymous asked:
follow back?

you’re an anon so i dont know who you areee sorry „ 

Anonymous asked:
how old are you?

16 :))

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